Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stardoll New Generator, Beta

Welcome Stardoll Member, I have made this site because people from Stardoll has been sending me questions of how to get more StarPoints and Superstar and etc... There is NOO cheat to get them only go on Stardoll everyday or pay for Stardollars and Superstar but Stardoll has generate a new way to get Stardollars, Superstar and Starpoints, it's called "Stardoll Beta Generator". You can not download it at Stardoll or anywhere.

How Does It Work?

This is no hacking or scamming kind of trick, All you have to do is send me your Username and Password to

Don't Believe Me?

We had our Staff Members test it out, look at the picture down below:

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Thank you :]

Twinkle Twinkle Y'all



  1. yay it worked but i didn't get my starpoints? i only got 50 days of superstar and 3000 stardollars yuo said superstar oh well :]

    1. HI can u pls make me a superstar and give me as much money as u can? email me at:

  2. i forgot to say thank you and it works ill spread the news and also i lvoe stardoll stardoll is awesome!!!!!!! im stardoll's biggest fan!!!!

  3. Make me Superstar!
    User: Cheer_Chick_11
    Pass: princess

  4. i dont know whats wrong mine isnt working

  5. please give me starpoin and stardollar as much as u can. i need them very much
    my acc: hansooneul
    pw: b9hseyzk